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Commentary on Wiley English and the student user experience

Wiley English is a blended learning English language course, comprising classroom lesson content taught by a teacher, and a mobile application which provides you with content to study in preparation before the class and activities to complete after the class.

Each level is made up of 20 lessons. Each lesson contains 2 hours of classroom study, 1 hour of preparation work on the mobile app before the class, and 4 hours of learning on the app after the class. In total the course has 140 hours of study time.

Wiley English introduces an innovative approach to learning English, in which the learning content in the classroom and on the app is integrated into the same lesson around a particular theme. This means that the lesson begins with the introduction of vocabulary on the app to be studied before the lesson, and then continues in the classroom with clarification of grammar points by the teacher, and a number of opportunities for you to practise using both the grammar and the vocabulary in authentic, social scenarios.

The focus in the classroom lesson with the teacher is to develop fluency in the use of English, mainly through speaking and listening activities, and to consolidate and improve accuracy in the use of grammar.

When you leave the classroom, the lesson continues on the mobile app. The lesson will now give you different challenges to complete. The revision challenge is an activity to help you transfer language learnt in the classroom into long-term memory, ensuring that useful new words and grammar are not forgotten.

The listening challenge is a guided activity to develop your ability to listen to native speaker English and pick out the key pieces of information being communicated.

The reading challenge is a fun exercise to test how quickly you can read and understand English – set the timer to the speed you want to read to and see if you can answer the comprehension questions. Did you manage it? Then next week set the timer speed higher and see if you can still answer the quiz that follows.

There are also vocabulary and grammar quizzes to build your knowledge and help you to remember useful language.

Finally, there are speaking activities which allow you to record yourself speaking English words and directly compare that with the pronunciation of native speakers. This simple exercise will enable you to understand better how to sound more like a native speaker.

Your progress to the next level is structured through a set of speaking and writing assignments that you complete on the mobile app. These are graded by your teacher and you can see the results on the My progress section on the app.

This way you can see your progress at all stages of your language course, and you can win gold coins for your achievements. See how these grow over the course and compare how you’re doing against your friends and classmates.

We hope you enjoy your Wiley English course and make good progress with your English. To give yourself the best chance, remember that the lesson begins on the mobile app before the classroom session with your teacher, and continues afterwards on the app.

Posted October 2, 2020
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